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‘Lulu’ Album Review (Compilation)

October 9, 2020

The endless cavalcade of clips continues! No intro or closing questions, just the guts of the episode with me and the guest dissecting the song. This week we look back at the infamous 'Lulu'. 

  1. 'Brandenburg Gate' - #18 w/John Whitmore
  2. ‘The View’ w/#153 w/Kevin Van Dam
  3. ‘Pumping Blood' #112 w/Dylan Titus
  4. 'Mistress Dread' #92 w/Alex Cottrell
  5. 'Iced Honey' #72 w/Nick Mockoviak
  6. 'Cheat On Me' #23
  7. ‘Frustration' #56 w/Ian K
  8. ‘Little Dog’ #82 w/Kevin Van Dam
  9. Dragon #39 w/John Chestney
  10. Junior Dad #77 w/Tommy Trinkeller


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